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Service calls and how they are handled are the #1 impact of keeping your business running and your customers happy. Not being able to provide your customers the service they expect by having your  equipment not maintained properly will turn  customers away leaving them frustrated due to long wait times and  long lines, office personnel is frustrated due to copier/printer being down for a long periodof time. These are some examples how faulty equipment can effect your bottom line. We are in the process of designing our  Service call Management System which will help you manage all of business needs. We look forward to our customers signing up. See how we can help you with all of your business solutions by completing the Service Request form below. Please be sure to Request a Severity 1 if equipment is completely down and you have no other means of providing service to your customers or completing your daily tasks.

Please visit the Contact page to create Service Request

All Service Calls will be invoiced with a 1 hour minimum charge with a $45.00 trip charge for non contracted services. Payment is due once service is completed. There will be a $45.00 return check fee for checks returned for insufficient funds.


We have several service options that can be tailored to fit  your organizations needs. We make sure that Service Expectations, Service Levels, Maintenance Agreements and Repair objectives are given our full attention to maintain a satisfactory level to our customers and ourselves.

  • On-Site Repair
  • Rapid Response Times
  • SLA (Service Level Agreement)
  • Maintenance Agreement
  • Time and Materials

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